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Hello , and thanks for visiting my site ZTips.

This is a site that I hope will help betting novices and experts to make money in the main on European Football along with some other Sports when the right opportunity comes along. I have been betting for 26+ years and have gained a very good knowledge of Football and these days for sure i am very profitable and the bets i love are Overs on Goals especially Over 2.5 goals, Anytime Goalscorers, Both teams to score, Correct Score betting and trading , LAY The draw trading and LAYs on 1X2 , Asian Handicap 1X2 and goals, so a real variety and have a criteria / system for Over 2.5 goals being proofed to the Secret Betting Club .

I have made profit for many seasons on my Overs and I will look to provide very accurate tips. Am also on Twitter doing very well under the name surprise surprise Z_tips and have 7000+ followers.

To get an even better idea about me and how i got hear, please take a look at his interview here on the excellent Tipsterminds site , where they interview Professional tipsters and wanted to hear from me knowing i had tipped for so long now.

We also have a Bookmakers page highlighting many FREE bets and Bonuses at various bookmakers that will be worth while taking a look at so please visit ‘Bookmakers’ page.

PLEASE REMEMBER that there is not such a thing as a CERT and ONLY back with money you can AFFORD to lose , you will see i care very much about yours and my Betting banks ! My methods mean yours will never be at risk and it will grow .

If you wish to Contact me about anything relating to the site then please email me on :-




If you would like to subscribe to the Proofed singles please use the paypal buttons below , there is the option of 1 off payments to Skrill and bank transfer if needed also so please email me for that . Paypal users can avoid using cards by doing a bank transfer to paypal so that is a better option and it takes just 2 minutes to send from your bank to Paypal and then be able to use it.

I am, with this pricing ,looking for those looking long term and classing this as an investment rather than the small stake bettors who  can get upset at 3 losers in a row despite maybe 10 winners in a  row prior to that. As at the end of March i have been proofing to Secret Betting club for close to 9 months to high success and ROI 18.63% its been over 20% and my target is Hall Of Fame with them. I have tipped for FREE for years so its not an over night decision and numerous Professionals have said i should of long ago. Almost monthly i am asked to quit ztips and take my selections to paid for sites. I am Mr consistency and you will find that out if don’t know already. NO Refunds will be given , as its very easy to stop future payments with Paypal etc. and remember cancelling the email doesn’t stop payments , you need to do that at Paypal.

I will still post my accumulators on site and post to twitter as i do now all FREE its only the proofed selections that you wont be able to get unless you subscribe. You get the proofed selections via email and also the weekend trebles and upwards also.

Final note if anyone sends me abuse and it is not classed as constructive ie its personal i will delete you from the email straight away , so please bare that in mind.


Ok here are the 4 Subscription options :- 

Option 1 – First and best Value :-

The first option and best value of all is to sign up to a bookmaker via the site and when you do email me on subs@ztips.co.uk and you can get on at £7 per month or £70 for the year. The same rate those that donated are on and will stay on the whole time they are subscribing. Obviously i would need to check my affiliate account the day after to see you are logged and then would email you a link for the 2 vastly cheaper options.

Other subscription options , monthly , 6 monthly 12 monthly and the longer you subscribe the better the deal , see above first of course .

Option 2 – The monthly recurring fee is £20 per month , please use button below :-


Option 3 – For 6 months in advance a fee of £90 is available a saving of 25% on the standard rate and makes it £15 per month , please use the button below :-


Option 4 – For 12 months in advance a fee of £120 is available a saving of 50% on the standard rate and makes it £10 per month , please use the button below :- 

Thanks for viewing the site and keep an eye on the proofed results and if ever want to view them please just email me and will be happy to send to you :-)

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