Hello, and thanks for visiting my site Ztips.

This is a site that I hope will help betting novices and experts to make money in the main on European Football. I have been betting for 26 years and have gained a very good knowledge of Football as am a big fan and watch a lot of it. I am profitable the last 5+ years, where as before that it was quite inconsistent but as you mature and get more experience that helps loads.

The bets I love are Overs especially Over 2.5 goals, Over 3.5 goals and now and again Over 1.5 goals as cover bets and alot of the time we go in play if we cant get the value. The selections provided for the paid for service are all from my criteria I have built up over 7 years where i have 25 checks per game that it has to pass to become a selection . The idea behind this was I could remove emotion from my tipping and if all criteria is hit it becomes a subscriber selections and so far it has worked well.

I do provide free selections via twitter and on the site on most things you can think of in Football betting and I read a game very well so the big games will see me tweeting before and posting views before and in play selections also. A League i excel at and have done for nearly 2 seasons and are very very popular on site / twitter.

I have made profit for many seasons on my Overs and hopefully that continues, I never take anything for granted and always looking at ways to improve. Am also on Twitter doing very well under the name Z_tips and have 15,000+ followers.

To get an even better idea about me and how I got here, please take a look at this interview here on the excellent Tipsterminds site, where they interview Professional tipsters and wanted to hear from me knowing I had tipped for so long and had such a strong following.

We also have a Bookmakers page highlighting many FREE bets and Bonuses at various bookmakers that will be worth while taking a look at so please visit ‘Bookmakers’ page.

PLEASE remember that there is no such a thing as a Cert and Only back with money you can afford to lose, and you need to be 18+ to have a bet in the UK. I care greatly about yours and my bank as you will find out in the coming months and years.

If you wish to Contact me about anything relating to the site then please email me on :-


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